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Unveiling ROSE's Journey: Celebrating 3 Years of Anniversary on CCE Day - A Commemorative Video

Today, on the 3rd anniversary of the Cervical Cancer Elimination Day of Action, we express our gratitude to all supporters of the ROSE Foundation. Your support has meant that more women can benefit from Program ROSE. Your partnership helps us reach those may not have easy access to cervical screening. You have made it possible for the ROSE team to take bigger strides towards the vision of a cervical cancer free world.

A Collaboration between PPUM and Program ROSE

“The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital” – Mark Hyman

The pandemic has led to many challenges for healthcare workers. However, this did not stop University Malaya Medical Centre volunteers from going into different communities alongside ROSE Foundation to offer ROSE cervical screens, sponsored by Etiqa to the under-screened communities. This joint effort has connected more than 10 communities in both urban & rural areas and empowered hundreds of women!

The Role of Men in Cervical Cancer Elimination

“Communities, countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women” Michelle Obama

Traditionally, women’s health and empowerment are viewed solely as their own issues, and women’s well-being are often overlooked as their priority has always been looking after their families.

Times have now changed and MEN can play a key role in keeping their female counterparts’ healthy and strong. Men’s involvement in women’s health promotion can result in significant positive outcomes, and one simple way to support your loved ones is to encourage them to practice self-care. Self-care is extremely important and allows women to value their health and emotional needs, especially when they are so heavily burdened with domestic responsibilities.

A Sister’s Love in Action – Nanthini and Puva

Nanthini is a cervical cancer survivor. Diagnosed three years ago, she underwent treatment and, in the process learned more about cervical cancer and the importance of early detection.

Today, she has become a strong advocate for cervical cancer prevention. And what better than to start at home!

Nanthini succeeded in persuading Puva to have a HPV PCR test. Puva’s initial reaction was fear and reluctance. However, it was through Nanthini’s love and perseverance that convinced Puva to take the test. Watch the clip to discover the rest of their journey.

‘Give a ROSE’ to your loved ones

Cervical cancer doesn’t differentiate against anyone – any woman can get cervical cancer.

Voon Mei had a ROSE HPV PCR test and received treatment that prevented her from developing cervical cancer. As she strongly believes in self-love and empowering women to take care of themselves, she decided to organize a screening program on behalf of Lions Club with ROSE, that would allow other women to also access this life-saving screening test.

A Collaboration with ROSE and Women of Will

“A woman’s health is her capital” – Harriet Stowe

Women face various economic restrictions in their daily lives – they are less likely to be employed, being paid less, and tend to be involved in vulnerable jobs. In addition, women also bear the burden of unpaid care and domestic work. Women of Will (WOW) aims to empower and transform women’s lives through entrepreneurship to create self-sustainable communities.

We are proud to be able to join hands with WOW to promote self-care and women empowerment through the self-sampling ROSE HPV PCR test for cervical cancer elimination.

PPR Kerinchi

“Keep it simple and focus on what matters. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed” – Confucius

At a recent screening program at PPR Kerinchi, ROSE encountered a participant who was very reluctant and hesitant to do the ROSE HPV PCR test due to her painful experience with pap smear test. Thanks to her friend sharing her experience after performing the ROSE test and the ROSE team patiently explaining the self-sampling process, she was finally convinced to perform the self-sampling ROSE HPV PCR test!

Not only did she overcome her fear, she was surprised to find the test painless, quick and easy! With the newfound sense of relief and accomplishment, she has become ROSE HPV PCR strongest advocate and supporter and been spreading the message to her community about the importance of cervical screening.

GSC "Anita" Charity Screening

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

Art is often used as a medium to tell a story, and, the movie #ANITA conveyed an important, moving message and chronicles the life journey of famous actress and singer, Anita Mui, who succumbed to cervical cancer at the tender age of 40. In collaboration with Sony Pictures and GSC, ROSE Foundation was able to amplify the message that cervical cancer can be prevented if detected early by performing HPV PCR self-test which is available now.

We’d like to thank Sony Pictures and GSC for the advocacy and support shown to ROSE’s objective to eliminate cervical cancer in Malaysia, by donating the proceeds of today’s charity screening of #Anita to ROSE. We are indeed grateful for the wonderful recognition of ROSE and not forgetting everyone who bought tickets to #Anita – THANK YOU!

PPR Pekan Kepong

“When there’s a will, there’s always a way.”

Watch how Program ROSE HPV PCR self-test helped women overcome health screening barriers and obstacles caused by Covid-19 pandemic, by bringing HPV screening right to the doorstep of the under-screened and under-privileged communities.

HPV PCR self-sampling test is recommended by WHO for cervical screening over pap smears. At Program ROSE, we are fortunate to be part of the Malaysian movement towards elimination of cervical cancer.

We believe “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

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