ROSE Journey

Our roots started as a research project called Pilot Project ROSE in 2017, led by University of Malaya with the primary objective to evaluate the acceptability, feasibility, and reach of pioneering cervical screening strategy in primary care settings. This strategy involved self-sampling using a simple and painless swab, HPV (Human Papillomavirus) testing, and follow-up of screened-positive (virus detected) women to ROSE referral hospitals in Malaysia.

With the success of Pilot Project ROSE, ROSE Foundation transitioned and launched Program ROSE (Removing Obstacles to cervical ScrEening) on 14 January 2019, aimed at making this innovative screening approach widely accessible to Malaysian women. Both Women, Family and Community Development together with the Health Ministry’s goal is to make the country one of the first nations in the region to be free of this disease and Program ROSE continues to play a vital role in accelerating this effort.

The formation of ROSE Foundation in July 2019 as a charitable foundation limited by guarantee further led to the establishment of our own laboratory and active implementation of community outreach initiatives through Program ROSE in the screening of underserved and underprivileged women nationwide.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to our Vision and Mission, ROSE Foundation stands fully committed to the ambitious goal of eliminating cervical cancer in Malaysia. With a firm belief in the power of prevention, innovation, and community engagement, we have embarked on a transformative journey for a cervical cancer-free future for women in Malaysia.

Board of Trustees