Program ROSE: Empowering Women through Innovative Cervical Screening

Simple, Painless, Effective

Designed specifically for Malaysian women, Program ROSE is an innovative cervical screening that enables and empowers women to perform their own cervical screening using our unique and signature HPV PCR self-sampling test.

Program ROSE offers women the dignified choice of using a self-swab which is simple, painless, and effective approach that enables the HPV PCR test to be undertaken by ROSE Laboratory, and prompt delivery of results via a digital health platform using mobile technology within 3-weeks and further follow-up on linkage to care for treatment, if needed.

While there are many types of cervical screening tests, the flocked swab used in Program ROSE HPV PCR test provides for higher accuracy and reliability of the results. To witness the significance of swab selection in HPV testing, watch this enlightening video. Cervical cancer elimination begins with a ROSE.

5 Pillars Approach

A pioneer and revolutionary HPV PCR self-sampling cervical cancer screening methodology with five (5) pillars inclusive of education & advocacy to provide an integrated screening service with linkage to care.

Screening Eligibility Criteria

You only need two things to register and receive results:

Screening Steps

The ROSE HPV PCR self-sampling test is a simple, painless, and effective method for cervical screening. In just five minutes, you can easily take charge of your health by performing this test yourself. Find out how you can conveniently conduct your own cervical screening and prioritize your well-being.

Interpreting Test Results

Once you have completed the test, you can expect to receive your results within a timeframe of three weeks, conveniently delivered to you via SMS and WhatsApp. Take the opportunity to understand and comprehend the significance of your test results.

Linkage to Care

One distinctive aspect of Program ROSE is its provision of continued care if further necessary treatment is required, a feature uncommon in most screening programs. Discover the significance of this crucial linkage to care and why it is central to Program ROSE.