Community Outreach

Empowered by Program ROSE’s dynamic community outreach events, we are actively bridging the gap in healthcare access, effectively bringing early detection and prevention to those underserved and underprivileged women. United in our mission, ROSE is determined to break down barriers, ignite widespread awareness, and foster a future that is free from cervical cancer for women across Malaysia.

Thanks to generous donations and sponsorships, Program ROSE’s community outreach initiatives have extended its reach to 300 locations across 13 states, screening over 29,000 women.


Community outreach events are essential for promoting and advocating public health initiatives like cervical screening. With cervical cancer ranking as the third most common cancer, targeted outreach efforts can raise awareness, encourage early detection, and save lives. These events educate and empower individuals, ensuring access to vital resources and information for their health protection. By engaging diverse communities and community leaders, addressing barriers, and fostering a supportive environment, community outreach events for cervical screening reduce the burden of cervical cancer and promote overall well-being.

Program ROSE has successfully organized events bridging barriers to screening using our HPV PCR self-sampling test. Together, we can prioritize cervical health and create healthier communities.

Get Involved

Are you passionate about women’s health? Volunteer with Program ROSE and help us make a difference in the fight against cervical cancer!

As a volunteer, you’ll play a vital role in raising awareness, educating women, and providing support during screening sessions. Together, we can empower women with knowledge and save lives.

What we offer:

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